The Wikidot calendar is an amazing piece of work.

Its success has broken so many barriers of what was thought possible.

Through its development, new refined techniques and ideas were formed to cater for previous limitations.

Hours and hours of severe brain concentration and continued persistence has managed to produce to you what you see today.

This whole project would not have been successful without these few people:

Phil Chett, the brilliant man who initiated this whole project, and created the first Wikidot Calendar

James Kanjo Who took the original idea, turned it inside out, then upside down. Sprinkled on some magic dust on it, and made it just Sooooo much better

Helmuti_pdorf, who developed the response system, which enables you to respond to each calendar event

Timothy Foster, who did amazing debugging work, ridding the system of CSS glitches, generated an improved hover-popup module and wrote the documentation

pieterh, CEO of Wikidot, who has been very supportive throughout the project and advertised our progress on the Wikidot Blog

leiger, whose continued support and suggestions helped the Calendar evolve

michal frackowiak & Gabrys, the main developers of Wikidot, who implemented some new features during the midst of the project which were fundamental to its completion


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