<<==MORE flyes Don't forget to print now more of this - Print and spread it by yourself or by us: 33 flyers per each print (a4). In 10 prints u have 330 flyers. If u can, print more now :) and if u need us to cat, print or spread let us know. 1==>>

  • A new wiki page is opened for you when clicking on a day and as a creator of such page please change its name from "Event Title" to the the name of your assembly (likewise for responses). In such wiki-pages please link to your pages including the events in facebbok or google etc .
  • As Anonymous use Tor and if you are, or if you want to become, a wikidot user, click the link in the upper right corner of this page.
  • The responses of the user alex11now in wikidot are used for approval of such Assemblies.
  • The decisions made in event of absent of some members can be confirmed in other time, for letting the absents to participate. Such dates attached to decisions could be used for assemblies to react one on decisions made by the others.
  • If you want the assembly to be film documented let us know it by this contact.

"We are the will in any form or symbol, we are identifiable as water and from all directions we are coming to you to be with you the will for social justice - Europe belongs to the people not bankers!"
the #alex11

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